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TERCO Final Report

TERCO Final Report

TERCO Final Report delivers key policy messages for European Territorial Co-operation

The applied research project TERCO - European Territorial Cooperation as a Factor of Growth, Jobs and Quality of Life - has established the working definition of territorial cooperation, built database on the twinning-city network for the first time and applied new methods that had never been used in research on territorial co-operation (i.e. models of successful co-operation and network analyses of twinning cities).

TERCO results indicate that the main contribution of Territorial Co-operation to cohesion and development lies in institutional capacity-building, professionalisation of staff, circulation of innovative management ideas, strategies, and education. This is particularly the case for disadvantaged regions, such as those at the EU’s external borders.

Those elements are vital for development and territorial integration because they facilitate various flows (of people, goods, and capital such as FDI) which otherwise would not cross the borders.

Main conclusions and meesages from the TERCO Project can be found in the Executive Summary, while more detailed information are availebla in the Main Report. Complete information about methodology and results of the research can be found in Scientific Report - Part I and Part II. Additional documents related to the Scientific Report are Bibliography and Abbreviations and glossary